Board Cultivation

These are some of the board-related questions I consistently hear from nonprofit leaders and board members:

Is passion enough for our nonprofit board to succeed?

How do we find and keep diverse, committed, and skilled board members that reflect our constituency?

What are board member roles and responsibilities, really? And, how do we keep board members engaged once they understand their roles?

What does a healthy relationship look like between an Executive Director and Board President? Who does what and how often should they communicate?

These are the questions that get me excited about helping nonprofits cultivate and develop board members so they can fulfill their role in their organization’s success.

Board member performance is a vital ingredient in a nonprofit’s ability to succeed. Without a healthy and effective board, their responsibilities fall on leadership and other staff who already have full plates. Through training, coaching, and consultation, I offer practical tips and tools to increase the performance of a nonprofit’s board of directors in an effective and efficient way that produces results.

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