Consultation, Coaching & Facilitation

One of the most important reasons to hire a consultant is their outside perspective and objectivity.

When working with clients I value:

  • The Nonprofit’s Vision & Mission
  • Listening
  • Community
  • Cultural humility
  • Racial Equity & Inclusion
  • Diversity of perspective
  • Creativity
  • Being responsive and dependable
  • Thinking critically & strategically
  • Communicating responsively & effectively
  • Being results-focused, yet adaptive

As your consultant or coach, I will provide counsel, direction, and long-term capacity building via the following customized consulting and coaching services that may be offered in-person or virtually: 

Interim Executive Leadership
Leadership Coaching
& Development
Onboard New Talent
Program Development
Meeting Facilitation
Technical Assistance
& Training

Why hire a professional facilitator?

A good facilitator has the ability to respond to issues in an unbiased way, leaving room for people to explore options they otherwise may not. An experienced facilitator can assure that all voices are heard, the process moves according to schedule, and that any disagreements are handled well and respectfully while maintaining the integrity of the process. Having an outside facilitator also gives the person that was going to facilitate from the organization a chance to participate!

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