Strategic Planning

I don’t subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” strategic planning process, and I don’t believe the process should be daunting or overwhelming.

Here’s what I do believe:

  • The process should match the nonprofit’s current life cycle.
    • i.e. Is your nonprofit well established and your environment is relatively stable, or do you have new leadership and are shifting to a governance board model vs. grassroots? Is your nonprofit facing a crisis that requires an immediate shift in priorities?  
  • The plan should be designed to meet the nonprofit’s current needs and the organization’s capacity to fulfill the plan’s design.
  • The process and final plan should feel manageable and worthwhile whether it leads to a realignment and recommitment to your current mission or offers the opportunity to revisit and revise it.

Here’s how I help:

  • I provide a strategic planning framework that matches where your organization is and where its people are at.
  • I ensure a highly collaborative (and engaging) process that ultimately leads to a user-friendly tool (the plan) with clear goals, objectives, outcomes and impact measures.
  • I offer support to help you fulfill your plan and/or adjust when new situations and opportunities arise that require an adaptation to the plan.

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